DPF Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Pulse Cleaning

      • Service takes approximately 45-2 hr to complete
      • Removes ash that builds up over time using air pulses to clean and capture contaminants
      • In order for a filter to be consider clean the pressure gauge must read 1.5 H.O. (Hydrogen/Oxygen) if not we need to regenerate


      • DPF ( Diesel Particulate Filter ) needs to be in the machine for 8 hrs
      • Cooks in temperature of 1300 degrees
      • This process includes pre-pulse cleaning, regenerating and post-pulse cleaning
      • In order for this filter to be considered clean the gauge must read 1.5 H.O. (Hydrogen/Oxygen) if not we have to do Recovery

 Detailing and Inspection

      • On this stage we do a final diesel air filter cleaning and inspection by transferring the filter in to a turning table with a vacuum on one end and pressure gun on other end this guarantees that all remaining ashes are removed
      • Quality Control will randomly test with special rod to confirm that filter airflow lines are clean.  If quality control test is not passed we will have to begin filter recovery process


      • We have been able to recover filters that have been rejected and brought back to original state
      • We are the only company in the West coast that has this available
      • Usually ready in 1 week (1 year warranty issued)

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