Filter Cleaning Service

Interstate Filter draws on 39 years of filter cleaning, filter washing experience and has developed a six step process the safest and most thorough available on the market today. The result: cleaner filters and longer engine life!
Interstate Filter’s Exclusive Six Step Cleaning

  1. Pre Clean: Low pressure air and a vacuum combine to gently remove heavy dirt. Clean surfaces remain uncontaminated and there is no damage to filter media. The first inspection is done at this point.
  2. Pre Rinse: Filter media is flushed from both sides, drawing out any remaining contamination. Equalized pressure prevents pleat collapse.
  3. Soak: Dirt and carbon is loosened with the use of a specially designed air filter detergent. Detergent does not harm paper fibers or resins in the filter media.
  4. Back Flush: Clear water is reverse flushed through media to remove any remaining contamination. This is followed by flow testing.
  5. Dry: Filters are dried in a low heat environment for several hours, allowing the filter paper to dry completely without baking out resins or making the paper brittle.
  6. Inspect & Package: Air Flow Bench Test, structural damage, pinholes or leaks in paper, gasket sealing and dryness. Filters are packaged in specially sealed boxes to prevent dirt contamination or damage in handling. Boxes are labeled with customer name and part number.

After having performed the above-mentioned tasks, your filter is checked on all the prevailing quality guidelines so as to make sure that there is no flaw left. Professionals associated with Interstate Filter Service Inc. make sure that only the best filter service is rendered. This is a reason, why this company has attained an unmatched name among filter cleaning companies in southern California. Specialized teams of professionals are also there who have an in-depth expertise in dealing with industrial cartridge filter. The company is not only involved in generalized filter cleaning, but also industrial filter cleaning.